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  • Mobility - Your mobile phone is with you 24/7!
  • Ease of use - Tawk2me works for the basic to the latest smart phone.
  • Lost your mobile phone? No problem, all your messages are safely stored for easy retrieval.
  • Web access - Tawk2me also offers full web functionality, so as a user you have your own user profile allowing you complete control over all your groups, members and the actual recordings themselves.
  • File management - create, remove, edit folders, and recordings through your members profile page.
  • Easy retrieval of your files which are all time and date stamped thus easy to search for messages years later using simple metatags and keywords..
  • You can upload other data files onto you user profile such as pictures and standard recognised office documentation
  • Personality - messages are in your own voice – bye bye boring old text messages.
  • Privacy - you decide who you want to connect with - whenever you want. No more shotgun approach to sending a message.
  • You can leave a more detailed voice message than an SMS and not restricted to only 160 characters in a text message.
  • There is no monthly subscription, sign up fee or app that needs to be down loaded.