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What is Unique About Tawk2me

Web access

Although the product is predominantly mobile, there is a full web functionality too. You have your own user profile where you have complete control over all your groups, your members and the actual recordings themselves.

You can also search for messages years down the line using simple metatags and keywords.

Mobile access

You can leave a message in three easy steps:

  1. Dial the speed dial number (or short code) and simply enter your PIN.
  2. Then select your group
  3. Record the message and click send. 
    (there is also a playback - before you send option - to confirm your message before you hit the send button)

You can follow and retrieve a message left for you just as easily.

When a message is left for you, you will receive an SMS notification. Simply dial the number and the message will be played back to you immediately.

Each message is given a message number. Once you have called your local Tawk2me number you will be asked for the message number…enter the number and listen to the message – as easy as that!


File management

You can create, remove and edit folders, as well as the recordings themselves through your members profile page. All time and date stamped for easy retrieval. Don’t forget, these files stay with you for life. You can go back over your travel logs ten years from now and remember the good times.

There is also a facility to upload other data files such as pictures and standard recognised office documentation. You will have a facility to select certain recordings (like an overseas trip) and have them sent to you for your permanent keeping.

Connectivity and ease of use

Laptops, notepads and the new net books, just take too long to boot up. Plus there is the ever frustrating aspect of connectivity. Your mobile phone is always on you – charged and ready to go – no boot up or connectivity delay issues here.