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Why use Tawk2me

People are using Tawk2me in many different ways. Here are a few ideas to help you to get started with creating a Tawk2me group. While you can select a wide range of Tawk2me groups in your own unique way, we thought about highlighting a few popular themes.


Tawk2me caters for travellers who want to keep and record a regular diary of their travel. All this is safely recorded and date time stamped on the Tawk2me server. Should you lose your mobile device - no problem, all your precious memories are easily retrieved. Or the traveller may want to keep his/her loved ones ‘back home’ up to date on a daily basis. The user records his/her message hits send on the mobile device and instantly the message is received by the nominated group of family and friends where ever they may be in the world They can hear your excitement in sharing your travel stories. Or you may want to follow a celebrity that is travelling around the world on some interesting adventure. By joining that group, you will be sent regular personal updates.


A businessman can now, very simply, and effectively, communicate with his or her staff no matter where they might be. How often have you been caught at the airport, or stuck on a tube or train? You can't be bothered with having to start up the old laptop to send them all an update, and you haven't the time to call each of them individually, but you do need to communicate something urgently to them all plus sms-ing them is no good, as you need more than 160 characters to say what you need to say.

Imagine a contractor on site, miles from civilization. That contractor can now immediately communicate with a group or other participants, like the civil engineer, customer, suppliers etc, with one simple phone call.


Tawk2me  users can follow their favourite celebrity, entertainer or sporting ‘heroes’ by simply opting to sign up in that particular group. This will allow that user to stay in touch with their hero by receiving regular updates from them. Your team touring in another country? No problem, your sporting hero will send you a personalised update from wherever they might be playing! 
Active Tawk2me users can keep their family and friends up to date with recordings during a sporting event in which they are competing, be that mountain biking, running a marathon or just a power walk along the beach front. Record into your mobile phone, hit send and instantly your family or friends can share in the excitement of your event, anywhere in the world! 
There are many sporting celebrities who use Tawk2me to communicate with their fans more effectively by sending out regular personalised voice messages.

Who Uses Tawk2me ?

  • Celebrities and sport stars for a whole, new, more personal means to talk to their fans through voice messages
  • Everyone for keeping family and friends up to date
  • Publishers & newspapers for distributing up - to - the - minute audio updates
  • Business owners for a dictaphone type journal facility that is safely stored away for later access
  • Religious leaders for inspiring their followers
  • Community groups (schools, organizations) for informing and mobilizing their members
  • Employers for keeping employees motivated and up to date
  • Subject matter experts (e.g. finance, politics, news) for sharing their expertise
  • Practically everyone who wants to talk to many people at the same time